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Hire IFS Professionals 

Connect directly with IFS professionals for full-time opportunities. We charge a fraction of the cost of a recruiter and reduce the amount of time it takes to hire top IFS talent. For full-time positions we charge 15% of the first year’s salary for each successful hire. It’s free to sign-up…only pay when you make a successful hire.

IFS Professionals help keep manufacturing moving forward
Hire Direct


Skip the traditional recruitment strategy and expense. Get connected directly with some of the industry's best talent. 

Post your IFS ERP Job on our job board. 

Hire the right IFS Consultant with
Hire IFS Module Specialists. 


IFS is a growing and evolving technology. You know that to keep production moving forward you need the right talent to do the right job. 

If you are looking to enhance your team with an IFS Consultant, then is a great resource to get started. 

Get Started Today


Does it cost anything to sign-up? No. is free for both professionals and companies. Companies pay when they make a successful hire. 

How does the hiring fee work? Once you make a company profile on and agree to the hiring agreement you agree to pay the associated fee in the timeline listed in the agreement. 

Who can I contact for more info? Email for more information. 

What countries are you currently working with? For companies we are currently working in the USA and UK. For IFS Talent we are working throughout the world giving customers access to a broad range of resources. 

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