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The Results are in...

Let's face it. IFS is an ERP, not a marketing platform. So it's no wonder that IFS customers use 3rd party tools for lead management. 

You voted, and the winners are: 


Most customers are using two tools...HubSpot and ConstantContact for their lead generation. They use these tools for email, web, and digital marketing to generate leads. Now the next question is, "do they import them into IFS?"

Oh, I almost forgot! Be sure to stay tuned. There are some exciting things in the works. 
  • Effortlessly sync marketing data with your IFS system.
  • Gaining real-time insights into campaign performance.
  • Identifying high-potential leads with laser focus.
Want to get a sneak peak? Only for my VIP readers...

Thanks for chiming in! More details to come.

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