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If Only Marketing in IFS Were Easy! 

We would have a single software that could handle marketing, sales, production, and supply-chain management. 

That's not the reality! 

And with increased competition, supply-chain disruptions, and capacity issues it's getting harder to acquire, and service, new customers. 

That's why many IFS customers are utilizing 3rd party platforms like HubSpot and SalesForce. 

What are you using? Let us know! 

Oh, and stay tuned! There are some exciting things in the works. We are working on a solution that will make marketing integration seamless. 


  • Effortlessly syncing marketing data with your IFS system.

  • Gaining real-time insights into campaign performance.

  • Identifying high-potential leads with laser focus.

Which Marketing Platform Is Your Company Using?

Curious what other IFS Customers are using?

Thanks for chiming in! More details to come.

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