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Join The IFS Community!

IFS-Jobs exclusively focuses on connecting IFS Customers with top IFS talent. We are growing a one-stop resource full of IFS developers, system administrators, and business analysts. 

A Job Board for IFS Professionals and Customers

IFS Independent Pros
IFS Developers can augment your internal staff to optimize your IFS ERP system

Looking for your next career move or IFS project? Check out our Opportunities page for customers looking for IFS professionals. 

Join our growing community of IFS Professionals. Get started today and allow customers to come to you. If you are looking for IFS ERP jobs, take a look. 

IFS Customers
IFS ERP systems help in the construction industry

If you are an IFS Customer looking for talent, consider listing with us and get access to our IFS talent list. Even if you're in the middle of implementation, or already live, we can connect you with the right IFS Professionals. 

Whether you are looking for full-time candidates or want to hire hourly professionals for a side project we can help! 

Why Us?
IFS Consultants help your products keep moving through the supply-chain

Don't trust your IFS talent to random recruiters! They're disconnected from the IFS ecosystem. 


We're not only a resource for IFS Professionals we're also in the IFS Industry. We know how hard it is to find good IFS talent so we decided to make it easier by bringing IFS professionals and IFS customers together. 

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