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Why I created

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

know what a lot of you are saying. Why in the world would I create a jobs board?! I know they seem outdated and ineffective but truth be told I think for us in the IFS Industry they are needed. I got tired of getting random messages from LinkedIn (often from people without profile images) asking if I was interested in a full-time position with a company that paid $30 per hour. Clearly whoever this person is does not know the IFS community.

Also, on so many of my projects it was hard to build out a team! As you know each of us in the IFS world has our niche. For some, it might be finance, for others it might be technical. I think that will allow partners and customers find the best talent fit for their needs.

So if you're an IFS Professional I encourage you to open up your options by creating a profile. If you're an IFS Customer looking for talent be patient as our talent pool is growing! If you're actively looking create a's free to join and you only pay when a successful match is made. You control the interviewing process, evaluation, and hiring of talent.

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