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While you're waiting to make an offer your candidate is accepting other offers.

You ever go through the long process of 3-4 interviews, narrow down a pool of candidates, have HR gather all the paperwork, then finally present an offer, only to find the candidate rejects your offer? Or worse...ghosts!

The process is too long! A lot of companies are still operating in the 20th century model of recruitment. By the time an offer is made the candidate is evaluating and accepting other offers.

In a tight job market time is of the essence. Usually the first viable offer a candidate gets they will take. Shorten the process where possible.

Here are 3 tactics to help streamline the hiring process:

1. Brief the pre-screener on what specific traits you are looking for. Including specific technical skills and personality. Pre-screeners need to know industry jargon!

2. Make sure the hiring manager is involved in the recruitment process at every level.

3. Have the offer paperwork ready to go before you start interviewing. And allow hiring managers to "plug-in" the candidate information (name, salary, etc).

What other tactics do you use to get your offer in the hands of the right candidates? Comment below...

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