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How to manage a remote Dev Team during implementation

In can be difficult and frustrating to manage remote DEV teams during implementation. I recently had two customers successfully go-live with IFSCloud, and both utilized remote DEV teams to do their CRIMs. Here’s how we did it.

Don't go crazy managing a remote dev team!

But first a little background. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of potential issues with working with remote development teams. There’s language barriers and time zone differences that can throw a wrench in a project’s schedule. There’s a lot that can get “lost in translation” between the business and the developers. I’ve had my fair share of projects that went sideways!

After having to do “damage control” on our projects I think we finally learned our lesson. Now on our projects we dedicate a single business analyst to act as the connection between the project team and the dev teams.

While each module in IFS usually has a single BA assigned to it (Finance, Supply-Chain, Sales, Inventory, etc.) we also had a BA assigned to managing the dev team. This would be a BA that was 60% BA and 40% TECH. This gave us a tremendous advantage of having the BA read and interpret functional and technical specifications in the language that the developer would understand. This BA would also add a second layer of testing between the technical resource and the business. Too many times I have gotten in front of a customer with a solution that I thought was thoroughly tested and find out there’s some obvious bug. This gives the customer a picture of poor product and poor quality!

I know that you might think this is a luxury to have an extra person dedicated solely to managing the development team but with the right person this BA can also fill-in with any other teams that are overwhelmed with the workload.

So to recap: If you are going to utilize an remote development team my recommendation is to appoint, find, search, voluntell a BA that they need to be the single point of contact for the development team. And, if you’re currently a BA, get some tech knowledge! You’ll be SUPER valuable to any team…

Let’s start a conversation! Do you agree with my assessment? Do you have other recommendations? What has been your experience? Comment below…

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