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Help for implementation-weary hiring managers. How I helped Marcus recruit the right candidates.

Let's face it, implementing large enterprise-wide ERP applications can be taxing. Some of these projects can last years. Some projects stop and start, run into budget constraints, and are impacted by inner-company turmoil. It's inevitable, almost every project I have been on sees key personnel leave right before going live. It takes a strong team to push to the end.

When the dust settles, teams are often exhausted and overworked. Not only do company teams have to keep learning the new system but they often have to rebuild their teams with IFS-experienced people.

This was certainly true for a recent customer I helped. Let's call him Marcus (not his real name). Marcus had just implemented IFS for his large Midwest industrial valve company. The IFS Apps 10 implementation project spanned several years, several IFS partner implementation teams, and multiple stop-and-starts. By the time they went live their team was decimated. Several SMEs had quit, or transferred, and his business analyst jumped ship to consulting.

He reached out to me for help. He didn't want to go through the long and exhausting process of traditional recruiting. He was the only IFS resource left on the team! There was no way he could get bogged down in resume reviews and endless candidate interviews. He needed to manage the system and keep production moving forward!

I knew that this job posting would require extra care and concern so I reached out to my personal IFS connections. I was able to find him the perfect Business Analyst and CRM SME. Both of whom I had personally worked with on multiple projects and who I knew were casually (but privately) looking to make a job move. It was a great match. The key to attracting these two candidates was to make them competitive offers, a roadmap for career advancement, and a reporting structure that gave them visibility into company evolution.

There's still a lot of work to do to rebuild his IFS team and I am working closely with him on each candidate but he is breathing a sigh of relief. He's headed in the right direction!

If you are an implementation-weary and need to build a team of qualified IFS talent maybe I can help you just like I did Marcus.

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