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Building an Adequate IFS Implementation Team

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

IFS Implementation Team Roles:

Project Manager - The quarterback of the entire team. Keeps things organized, communicates well, and sets expectations for customers and the implementation team.

Business Analyst (BA) - The glue between the customer and the software. Specializes in a specific IFS module or functional area. They train, implement, and set up the software. They also guide the customer through the IFS Implementation Methodology.

Technical Solutions

Manager(TSM) - Acts as liaison between the implementation team and IFS Cloud Services. Has an overall vision of the IFS architecture and functionality. Manages with Developer/Integrator.

Report Designer - Interprets and implements report requirements to produce standardized reports for the customer. Interacts with the Business Analyst but rarely with the customer.

Developer/Integrator - Implements the CRIM requests including custom configurations and integrations. Works with the BA and TSM.

Architect - Works with the BA team and PM to determine which features are included in the system. Generates documentation using the Scope Tool and has an overall knowledge of the functionality of the system. Is an expert in the IFS Implementation Methodology.

IFS Community - What other roles would you add to this? What are those situations where you need additional resources not on this list?

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