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IT Applications Manager

Remote (Must Be US-Based)

Job Type


About the Role

The Application Manager’s role is to ensure that application software meets business requirements and goals, fulfills user requirements, and identifies and resolves systems issues. They will collaborate with both the IT teams and various departments to accomplished shared goals that drive results for the business.

Here’s what you can expect…

Strategy & Planning

Develop and oversee the application change management process across the organization in all affected areas.
Ensure that IFS deployment enhances operating systems, networks, telecommunications, or other areas where it is deployed.
Collaborate with functional leaders, decision makers, systems owners, and end-users to define business, financial and operational requirements.
Review and analyze existing business processes and application systems to develop strategies for improvement.
Perform cost-benefit and return on investment analyses for proposed systems or improvements to aid management in making implementation or prioritization decisions.
Create systems models, specifications, business requirements and workflow diagrams to provide consensus for direction.
Manage the prioritization and change log for execution of approved modifications.
Support system enablement of business process improvements with configuration in the IFS environment and integration to other systems including the Salesforce CRM and Adaptive Planning.
Review and analyze testing of application system after modifications or updates. Coordinate in-depth tests, including end-user reviews, for modified and new systems, and post implementation support.
Provide training for application system users to improve skills and maintain appropriate knowledge.
Provide quality control function for application systems in the collection of analysis of data. Report findings to management to update or improve functions and business practices.
Manage and resource technology partners for network, database, and service desk.

Acquisition & Deployment

Recommend any additional hardware or software requirements needed for successful IFS deployments, configuration, or maintenance.
Assign the appropriate staff to work on projects where IFS software is involved.
Negotiate contracts with IFS software and service providers.
Liaise with company’s IFS suppliers for prompt rectification of any problems or emergencies.
Evaluate proposals to identify potential problem areas and make the appropriate recommendations.

Operational Management

Evaluate, install, configure, and deploy applications, systems software, products, and/or enhancements to existing applications throughout the enterprise.
Collaborate with analysts, designers, and system owners in the testing of software programs and applications.
Ensure that any integration into company systems meet functional requirements, system compliance, and interface specifications.
Perform daily monitoring and troubleshooting of the IFS system; install and configure patches and upgrades as required.
Prepare and deliver activity and progress reports for presentation to the executive management team.
Provide direction for the application team in support of IFS operations.
Coordinate feasibility studies for IFS products under consideration for purchase, and give advice based on findings.
Liaise with network administrators and software engineers to assist with design specifications, program logic, and data conversions.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, information systems, or business administration

  • 4-6 years’ experience in business analysis, IFS application implementation, or super user support role

  • Proficient knowledge of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) methodologies and documentation.

  • Knowledge of requirements gathering techniques, creation of technical specifications process mapping, system testing and deployment

  • Proficient understanding of IFS application software systems from an end-user perspective

  • Exceptional leadership skills

  • Good project management skills.

  • Strong knowledge of system and software quality assurance best practices and methodologies.

  • Strong customer-service orientation.

  • Excellent understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives.

  • Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Ability to communicate ideas in both technical and user-friendly language.

  • Ability to conduct research into application issues and products.

  • Knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws.

Join a growing team. We value innovative minds, independence, and flexibility. 

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