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Free to Join. Only pay when you make a successful hire. 

Thanks for connecting with Remedy Apps, LLC. dba (us, we, our). By entering your name and selecting submit to this document on, you agree to the following terms.



If you hire someone as a full-time employee that you became aware of through, you agree to pay us a connection fee equal to 15% of the Candidate’s guaranteed first-year compensation (base salary and any guaranteed bonus). The Placement Fee is due within 15 days of the Candidate’s first day of work with you.

The Placement Fee is due with respect to any Candidate that you hire as a full-time employee within 12 months of first connecting with through 



No Placement Fee is due for Candidates hired on a part-time or contract basis. However, there is a Connection Fee of $500 per hire.


If you initially engage a Candidate on a part-time or contract basis and, within the Fee Period, move the person to full-time employment, then you must pay a Placement Fee equal to 15% of the Candidate’s guaranteed first-year compensation.

The Placement Fee is due for any Candidate that you first connect with through, even if the Candidate contacts you independently outside of the Service or when the Candidate’s placement is finalized without using the Service.


We will invoice you for the Placement Fee once a hire is made. The Placement Fee is due within 15 days of the Candidate’s first day of work with you, regardless of when invoiced. Unpaid fees accrue a late fee of 10% per month from the initial date of hire until paid. All fees are non-refundable.


You must notify us that you have hired a Candidate no later than the Candidate’s first day of employment and on any subsequent advancement or change in status during the Fee Period.

You can notify us using the details below:

NO PLACEMENT GUARANTEE is a connection service. We make no warranties or guarantees regarding the qualifications or abilities of Candidates. You are solely responsible for conducting all required interviews, diligence, and background investigations with respect to Candidates. No portion of the Placement Fee is refundable if you terminate a Candidate’s employment or if a Candidate terminates their employment with you.


You agree not to not discriminate in the acceptance or interview or hiring of any Candidate based on race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status, disability, or other protected characteristic.


The non-prevailing party in any litigation or arbitration shall pay the reasonable legal fees and costs incurred by the prevailing party in the dispute and in any appeal.

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